Applying for Work Through a Company Website or Job Seeker Site? Understand this First, Come on!

With the internet, things can become more practical, including when you want to apply for a job though. Currently applying for more jobs are sent online.

Basically, now many companies have their own websites. Not only used as business development, including as a medium of communication with clients and other parties with an interest in the business itself. But in practice, the company’s website is also a job vacancy information at the company.

In fact, not a few also good companies small to large scale that use job search sites, to inform job applicants there are job vacancies.

This is certainly often confusing applicants must choose which way to apply for a job, through the company’s website or job search site. This confusion occurs precisely because they are concerned with various acts of job application fraud.

So that this can be overcome and can choose the best way when you want to apply for work, you should need to understand the following review which has been summarized from various sources.

1. Which job vacancies to trust?

As an applicant, you must be observant in choosing job openings. This is important, bearing in mind the risk of fraud and various other criminal acts through this kind of job opening mode in the community.

It will be very good if you always gather information and ensure the accuracy of each vacancy. Besides being safer, this will also make your efforts not only be wasted.

Job vacancies posted by job search sites have a greater risk of fraud for applicants, because on sites like this anyone can enter job openings, i.e. just create an account as a company, fill in complete biodata and then input job openings.

Unlike the case with vacancies found on the company’s official website, where the vacancy is indeed directly posted by the company itself.

Even so, it does not mean that all job openings on job search sites cannot be trusted. It’s just that you need to be careful in choosing. Note starting from the completeness of company biodata, check the truth of the company’s location on google maps or contact the company at the office number listed.

2. Why do companies open vacancies through job search sites?

You might be a little confused with companies that open vacancies through job search sites, while they themselves already have an official site. Some companies have still decided to open job vacancies through job search sites. This is certainly done with many considerations, such as:
Job search sites have a very high level of visits from job seekers, so companies can get more applicants who are right and in accordance with the criteria of vacancies available there. This will speed up and simplify the process of finding new workers for the company.
Using job search sites will also be more practical for the company, because they don’t need to bother to advertise available vacancies, because this will be done by job search sites.
But even though it looks a lot easier and more practical, some companies still only open vacancies through their official website, without using the help of job search sites.

This is certainly done with a lot of consideration by the company and is generally only done by large companies that are widely known by the public.

3. How is the CV processed and which is better?

Applications through job search sites or the company’s official website undergo a similar process. If you apply through a job search site, then your application will enter the company’s tracking system and be sorted there according to the criteria for available vacancies.

But such systems are only owned by large companies, while applications that you send to small companies are likely to be received and managed through the recruiting team e-mails within the company itself. The same thing applies when you apply directly to the company’s website.

Applications through job search sites and corporate websites both have their respective advantages, this depends on your own convenience. On job search sites you can usually find many vacancies at once, while on your company website you will only find limited vacancies that match your desired position.

Make sure the Job Application Document is Complete
Submitting applications online can be done easily and quickly, both through job search sites and through the company’s official website.


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